Ocean Lingering

I had the opportunity to watch these three grown men go fishing. I wasn’t their guide, but I was lucky to fish close enough to these three amigos their whole trip. There was drastic improvement throughout their visit. The first day, all three of them watched an old lady on my boat out catch each one of them combined even to the point that their guide pointed it out. They took notes. The second day they improved, but still had some room to go. However, today all three of them put on a show catching Coho’s. After a while we left and they left, but when we got to back to the dock I saw that they caught essentially the largest ling cod you can legally keep as well as most if not all of their Coho’s. Congrats to you guys!

Kings in August

Just because it’s august doesn’t mean that you can’t still catch an occasional King! I was halibut fishing next to Blake when I watched him have quite a lucky surprise. We were both using salmon gear because it was easier to feel the bites, and because the bottom gear wasn’t necessary. I was watching one of his guests hook one, and then reel it up halfway. He looked over at Blake and asked him why his halibut was running up toward the bow of the boat. Almost immedietly, Blake whiped the boat around to chase the King. At the time, the fisherman had no idea he was fighting a King, but he had quite the happy surprise reeling in a King Salmon while bottom fishing!

Pirate’s Life

Stopping by Pirate’s cove is always a pleasant place to go! Being in a baby sized bay while being surrounded by 200 foot cliffs is a very daunting place to hang out. If the weather and the fish cooperate, you might just have the opportunity to swing into pirate’s cove!

Friends and Family

Yesterday, guides Master Brake and Kid Kelsey took out employees of Catch-A-King and their college friend, Danielle Collinson. The two employee’s are the hardworking Katie and Maggie Dinon. If you come up to Catch-A-King, you will see them both running and working all around the lodge.

While watching from across the water, you could watch the trio hook fish after fish. The girls were hooking the fish so fast that from time to time both Blake and Kelsey struggled to keep them all bated. They ended up catching lots of Coho’s as well as their limits of Red Snapper and Ling Cod. From wonderful weather to the endless laughs, it was an “amazing day on the water” for the lovely ladies!

Halibut Fun

While catching fish may seem like Catch-A-King’s more important goal, it’s actually second to having a fun time on the water with our guests and friends. Here’s a funny photo of Long time friend Scott McIntyre reeling in a great big Halibut with captain Blake Haug! See ya next year Scott!

The Record Breaker!

After 20 minutes of fighting, first time guest, Blake Hoffman, finally broke his record. 25 years ago while fishing in Canada, he caught a 32 pound king. Until today, it was the largest king he had ever caught. While being guided by “average” guide Lance Cherry, Blake capitalized on the opportunity to catch an Alaskan State Trophy Fish.

The weight of this beast was 54.4 pounds!

When I first saw Blake after he caught the fish, he was floating on both the dock and cloud 9. You could see the pure excitement and happiness that he caught such a beautiful fish. I asked him how he felt, and he simply said, “I really didn’t understand how rare this fish was until I noticed how all of the guides started congratulating me. I feel incredibly lucky that my friends convinced me to come with them.”

He went on to tell me the story of how he caught the fish.

It hit the line on the very bottom and then nothing. So I dropped the line down again, and “boom” we hooked him. Running and zipping all over the ocean, Lance had to chase him down with the kicker motor going as fast as possible. There were times that I can remember him telling me that it was a nice fish, but we didn’t realize it was 50 pounder. We brought it up time and time again, but every time it came up it never laid over. Lance wouldn’t net it until he felt good about netting it. Even after seeing it several times, I never truly realized it’s size. I don’t think Lance even realized how big it was either. After chasing it from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, we finally caught the fish. He flipped the fish in the boat and told me it was a big one. I was so happy that I even gave him a hug! Either way, it was an amazing experience.

First Timer Rodney

Rodney, first time guest for Catch-A-King, caught his biggest king he had ever caught in the ocean. The fish was truly a unique fish because it ran straight, narrow, and as fast as our kicker for over half a nautical mile! The whole time we chased it, we were never within 300 feet until it laid over ready to be net. The fish itself weighed 31 pounds, and was one of the most unique fish to fight!

Kid Kelsey Kills It

Ed Adler, long time friend of Catch-A-King for over 10 years finally hit the gold pot. While being guided by rookie guide Kelsey, Ed hooked into a 52 pound king salmon. Ed was not only lucky enough to get the bite, but his technique was so flawless that it only took him 15 minutes to reel in the beast. Congrats to you Ed!

Lawn Pets

During the months of June and July, eagles will flock down to Catch-A-King Lodge’s Lawn to fight and eat fish. If you haven’t come up to see the Eagles, you are missing out. When I was taking this photo, I was about 7 feet away sitting on the grass watching him defended his lunch!

The Big One

2 days ago was a big moment for Catch-A-King. Young gun, Jesse Langel guided Jason Greco over a 65.1 pound King Salmon. This fish was both the best king young Jesse had ever landed and the first King over 50 pounds for Catch-A-King for the 2016 season. After 30 minutes of pulling and chasing, Jason gave Jesse the opportunity to net to giant, which by no surprise led to Jesse doing a perfect job netting the beast.

Hurry up here and catch a big one for yourself!